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Compared to conventional metal or plastic cable clamps and cord grips, the icotek strain relief plates are a much more flexible and cost-effective solution. By using universal Icotek strain relief plates with cord grip function the user can quickly assemble, organise and strain relieve cables according to EN 62444.









Further benefits:


* Wide mounting type variety: DIN rail
* C-rail snap mount, screw mount

* Secure hold of the cable ties and cables

* Strain relief acc. to EN 62444 

* Vibration-proof acc. to EN 61373

* High cable density, multi-layer mounting possible 

* Fast and easy, partially tool-free mounting




Hook-and-loop cable ties & holders


Icotek's hook-and-loop cable ties are an excellent alternative to conventional cable ties. They can be fixed by various icotek hook-and-loop cable ties holders which provide numerous mounting possibilities.







Hook-and-loop cable ties offer many advantages:


* High flexibility due to multiple closing and opening opportunities

* No risk of injury

* The cable tie material is gentle on cables, especially during vibrations

* Available in different sizes and in rolls

* Easy and quick installation via hook-and-loop cable ties