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The cable entry frames KEL-FG are suited for installation, sealing and strain relief of cables with connectors and conduits at an angle of 90° to the cabinet, enclosure or machine wall.


The KEL-FG-A frame matches exactly the cut-out dimensions for 24-pin standard industrial connectors. For tool-free assembly / disassembly of the KEL-FG-A the snap mounting frame KEL-SNAP 24 can be used. The KEL-FG-B is suited for cut-outs 36 × 46 mm.


The single-row versions KEL-FG-E are particularly suited for flat connectors. The small frames are ideal for applications with limited space.


A flat rubber gasket is included in the shipment.



Convince yourself of the simple and time-saving assembly of the KEL-FG!


Watch the assembly video, here.


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